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    Time For A Beginning:Dover Street Market's tachiagari is here

    This is a friendly reminder that there is a seven-floor retail jewel in NY called Dover Street Market, and also a reminder that if you haven’t visited it in a while, or at all, then you should make a trip now and let yourself submerge in the store’s visual stimuli. In fact, now is the perfect time as the store has recently undergone its bi-annual “tachiagari” which translates to “beginning,” and indicates that the shop has been remodeled for the second half of the year to showcase the F/W16 collections; and everything is a dream.

  • Fashion + Beauty
    Perspectives on Fashion Trends

    Credit Suisse, one of the largest, most profitable and prestigious banks in the world, published in its May 2016 Issue of Global Investor Magazine a series of "Perspectives on Fashion Trends," featuring a select of six world-wide trend connoisseurs, including Ellen Sideri, Founder + CEO of ESP Trendlab...

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    Generation Tumblr

    For anyone born after 2002, media technology is as effortless as breathing. Always “connected” today’s teens live in a digital ‘visual-first’ culture, where instead of typing and talking, they tap and swipe. Instead of emails, they Face-Time and SnapChat...

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    Anti-Perfect Branding

    Today's consumers know that the world isn't always perfect, but they are quick to recover from setbacks and boldly move forward. Highly politicized and visual-first, they prefer to interact with vibrant media, rather than the cliched campaigns they see from older corporate dinosaurs who don’t seem to understand the way new culture works.

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    Digital First

    For today's young generation of digital natives, 'just be yourself' has taken on a whole new meaning.
    As social media has become an integral part of who we are, classic notions of authenticity and genuineness are being challenged. In a quest to find an ideal online identity, the 'virtual' is giving the 'authentic' a run for it's money.

  • Color + Design
    Christopher PayneCapturing the Beauty of America's Textile Industry

    Christopher Payne is an American photographer who captures America's industrial architecture and landscape.

  • Culture + Lifestyle
    The New Space AgeThis year, virtual and augmented technologies finally come of age.

    By now, brands already know how to reach Millennials, but what about younger generations? With full access to touchscreen devices and a social media presence from day one, an even ore advanced generation of kids will expect bigger things from rands as they grow.

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    DAYBREAKERWake Up and Dance

    What better way to start the day than with electrifying music, vibrant people and an energizing atmosphere. Feeling the vibrations of the beat building from your feet to your head. You're overflowing with positivity, heat and deep joy.

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    Pantone:Color of the Year 2016

    Pantone has released its new color of the year for 2016 – but this time it’s a twin. For the first time, Pantone crowns a combo: Rose Quartz + Serenity. As well as the name suggests, this combination conveys balance, calmness and “a soothing sense of order and peace”...

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    The Museum of Feelings

    When was the last time you experienced something with your entire body? Do you remember capturing a moment with your senses and taking it all in? If not, visit The Museum of Feelings and try doing that. Open up your ears, eyes, nose and mind. The Museum Of Feelings is a pop-up exhibition (until the 15th December) that translates feelings and emotions into three-dimensional installations of color and scent...

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