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Black and white have been the colors of summer in South Korea with a wave of casual yet sleek streetwear flooding the streets of the Asian fashion mecca of Seoul.

Newcomer Blindness Studio with designers Kyu Yong Shin and Jong Taek Lee at the helm has burst onto the scene with the collection “Street Smart” which is exactly that. The designs are favored by street style stars and celebrities alike with minimalist, contemporary designs that are both fresh and young.


In Asia and increasingly around the globe, all eyes are turning to South Korean designers for their role in ushering in a new era of menswear. The Seoul fashion scene is exploding with up-and-coming designers creating functional and appealing streetwear lines that vibe well with Korean men’s penchant for classic styles fit for a hip urban environment. With the Korean Wave and the country’s mass export of culture and trend, Seoul is creating a benchmark of style across the continent.  


Blindness Studio is the success story of the summer with a collection of minimalist designs that represent the marriage between contemporary art and youth culture. They only have two collections with a limited number of garments but the brand has been picked up by stylists and featured extensively in magazine editorials. The clothes are also all over the media worn by some of the most revered celebrities and k-pop stars. With sold out designs and an extensive waiting list, we can expect big things to come from Blindness.