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The New Space Age

This year, virtual and augmented technologies finally come of age.

By now, brands already know how to reach Millennials, but what about younger generations? With full access to touchscreen devices and a social media presence from day one, an even ore advanced generation of kids will expect bigger things from bands as they grow.

Today's tech savvy generation of digital natives seek experiences that are quicker, interactive and mostly, more intuitive than ever before.

As a reaction, brands increasingly combine science, commerce and culture to engage with consumers.

Also, the connection between science as an art is stronger than ever.  From the possibility of life on Mars to the discovery of the "God Particle" science is entering our wider consciousness and the people are looking to outer space for solutions and escapism.  

At the same time new technologies are moving into theme parks, fashion, galleries and shops, and inspiring the minds of young artists and designers who aim to challenge the way we interact with our environments.

By combining elements of biotechnology, life science and innovation to fit into our everyday lives, brands taps into consumers' desire for self-discovery and encourage them to make a conscious effort to engage their imagination.

Examples on how brands are facilitating a dialogue between scientists and the general public below.

Storefront Gallery JB1.0

 Jamming Bodies is an immersive installation that transforms Storefront's gallery space into a laboratory.  The installation, a collaboration between science fiction artist Lucy McRae and architect and computational designer Skylar Tibbits with MIT's Self-Assembly Lab, explores the relationship between human bodies and the matter that surrounds them.


Disney Interactive

 The young, digital savvy generation lives with a tablet never far from their little fingers. As a reaction they expect the physical world to be as reactive and customizable as the digital.

Tapping in on this trend is Mickeyphon, an interactive audiovisual kinetic sculpture shaped like a giant Mickey Mouse head that follows the sound of music and maps the music on it's face with flashing lights.

Video: https://vimeo.com/151174535


The Big Bang Data Exhibition 

The Somerset House presents Big Bang Data, a major landmark exhibition about the big data explosion of the 21st century, which is radically transforming our lives.



As virtual reality is achieving a greater sense of presence, brands are taking an interest. The British theme park Alton Towers unveiled "Galactica," the worlds first rollercoaster that combines a physical ride with virtual reality, giving passengers a "customized journey into space" via headsets that use groundbreaking technology.

Video:Galactica at Alton Towers


Adidas feat Yohji Yamamoto

Y-3, the Adidas brand and Yohji Yamamoto are designing the one piece uniforms of Virgin Galactic's astronauts.  The prototypes were revealed last week at the Foster + Partner designed Spaceport America in New Mexico.  The collaboration attempts to capture the fashion and design of the future.

Video: Y-3 Spacesuites