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The Museum of Feelings

When was the last time you experienced something with your entire body? Do you remember capturing a moment with your senses and taking it all in? If not, visit The Museum of Feelings and try doing that. Open up your ears, eyes, nose and mind.

The Museum Of Feelings is a pop-up exhibition (until the 15th December) that translates feelings and emotions into three-dimensional installations of color and scent. In small groups you are guided from room to room, each of then offering a new experience related to a feeling, such as “exhilarated” or “invigorated”.

Close your eyes in the “calm” room and feel the serenity around you. Walk through a three-dimensional forest of LED lights and surround yourself with mystic glow. Create your own color reflections and special moments with holographic mirrors.

Breathe in as much as possible, since unfortunately the all-round experience doesn’t last as long as we’d wish.You can, however, purchase a candle at the very end that will remind you of your experience.

For more information see their website

Look up their hashtag: #museumoffeelings for more inspirational images.