Color + Design


Color of the Year 2016

Pantone has released its new color of the year for 2016 – but this time it’s a twin. For the first time, Pantone crowns a combo: Rose Quartz + Serenity. As well as the name suggests, this combination conveys balance, calmness and “a soothing sense of order and peace”.

As a counter reaction to negative happenings in 2015, Pantone wants to inspire us with positive energy and optimistic shades reminding us of the beauty of nature, sunsets and winter wonderlands. It is time to slow down and create a union between body and mind, humanity and nature. We are starting to open our minds towards new visions, religions, cultures and habits; we are combining old traditions with new ones and creating new, beautiful moments and experiences. All this together gets translated into a soft balance of dreamy pink and airy blue: the 2016 mindset in Pantone colors.