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Digital First

Digital First 

 For today's young generation of digital natives, 'just be yourself' has taken on a whole new meaning.

As social media has become an integral part of who we are, classic notions of authenticity and genuineness are being challenged.

In a quest to find an ideal online identity, the 'virtual' is giving the 'authentic' a run for it's money.

As a result, a new wave of branding celebrates all things digital and artificial, changing today's rules of polished, corporate internet with a playful 90's twist.

New online interactive platforms, exhibitions and designers are beginning to reinvent the typically clean and neutral visual language by injecting humor, lo-fi CGI imagery and bold graphics into their branding.

Through social media our identities have become something we collect and assemble.  As we arrange our personalities into multiple social media platforms, it is becoming increasingly important for brands to be able to reach these often independent personas.  

By adapting to the visual taste of digital-first consumers, brands can forecast the future of their communications.  

Examples of brands that play with the distinction between real and fake with the use of digital imagery below.

Exhibition Follow

 In a world where we use Instagram and Twitter 'likes' to assess who and what is important, the new exhibitio Follow asks what impact the internet is really having on our concept of 'reality', and how we think about ourselves, our idols and those around us.

Follow will be showing at FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) in Liverpool from December 11, 2015 until February 21, 2016



Hyper feminine interactive platform OKgrl has been created for a new generation of teenagers that actively click and scroll through editorial content.  They cyber stylized digital platform is about the most 2016 version of a magazine you could get, yet is primarily about fashion, fun and our favorite thing, pop culture.

Users can play games, paint graphics, share images and scroll through fashion shoots on a website designed to emulate the feel of an app.


Louis Vuitton VS Final Fantasy

The Japanese Roll Playing Game series Final Fantasy is definitely not the first thing one would associate with high end Parisian women's fashion...until now. Louis Vuitton chose Final Fantasy XIV's leading lady, Lightning, as the face of "Series 4" of its Spring/Summer 2016 campaign.


IBM's Watson supercomputer predicts what consumer products will be hot.  IBM Watson launched an app that provides shoppers with the ability to understand and predict the top trends of the season.

Through a real-time tracker IBM drawers on quantitative and qualitative data to inform its processes, analyzing millions of conversations across social networks, blogs, forums, comments, ratings and reviews.