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Wake Up and Dance

What better way to start the day than with electrifying music, vibrant people and an energizing atmosphere. Feeling the vibrations of the beat building from your feet to your head. You're overflowing with positivity, heat and deep joy.

Give your body and mind another reason for waking up at sunrise, other than going to work. Treat yourself with a dose of morning coffee and morning dancing, letting endorphins vitalize you for the rest of the day.  

DAYBREAKER is a 'morning movement' that believes in the power of community, dancing and a bit of mischief. Every few weeks they host a new event with exciting locations, local DJs and memorable acts, always with a corresponding costumed theme.  

On their second anniversary, they threw an 'Ugly Sweater Christmas Party'. The location: Macy's, Herald Square, New York City. Before opening hours, from 6am to 9am, the department store turned into a holiday scene including elves, human candy canes and Santa Claus himself. Upbeat dance music from "The Golden Pony" alongside a live marching band, limbo dance and enchanting storytelling from Santa made this event one of a kind.

Each party is different, expect more fascinating, exceptional memories to be made next time. Visit their website or social media sites for updates.  



All photo credit to Sara Wass http://sarawass.format.com